We are an equestrian center located in the Andes Mountain range near Pucón. As a family, we created our project to promote the special link that horses have with human beings & to create memorable experiences on horseback. Those memories can be created through a personalized horseback tour of our gorgeous property with amazing panoramic views of four volcanoes, or through customized private riding lessons with our instructors. All our riding tours and lessons are completely unique to the area because of our private trails & we can promise that they will be something that you will never forget about your time in Chile.


Pedro Ansorena Goycolea:

Pedro is the patriarch of our family & a mountain man who loves to enjoy and work in the mountain range, especially in forestry and livestock. He is the son of one of the first families who arrived in and founded Pucón. Pedro is of French Basque heritage & every since he was young he learned the chores of the countryside– all the while growing his love for horses and rodeo. He has lived through incredible adventures in the Pucón area and you can still see the rough and dangerous lifestyle in him that reminds us of the old west.

Matías Arnello Reynolds:

Matías came from the central zone of Chile in 2006 looking for a life closer to nature. He was motivated by his entrepreneurial spirit to carry out businesses related to tourism and commerce. Together with Corina, they decided to form this beautiful project in the Mountain of the Andes.

Corina Ansorena Gutiérrez:

Corina has always been passionate about Chilean horses and rodeo. After studying tourism management, she decided to work learning to train horses. She specialized in training horses and ponies for jumping as well as training dressage horses in both mounted and ground exercises. Her years of training experience made sure that she fell even more in love with the horse world.

After living different equestrian work scenarios with Matías her husband, they decided realize her dream and return to the mountain to start an equestrian center.